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The Do Nothing


Perkison based The DoNothing on German bildungsromanen, novels of self discovery and formation. In 2014 his manuscript was awarded IndieFab Book of The Year and 2011 was a finalist in the United Literary Contest, a quarter finalist for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, and a finalist in the Writers League of League of Texas manuscript contest, the largest such contest in the state. In the same year, a fellowship from Summer Literary Seminars gave Perkison the opportunity to workshop The DoNothing manuscript with Louis Sachar.


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THE SPECIAL EDITION: Library Bound and Autographed by the Author

After a family dispute turns violent, seventeen- year-old John Sharpe flees, convinced he just murdered his own father. Wounded in his ill-fated police getaway, John disappears into the East Texas backwoods, hoping to evade the law and his own guilt.

Life in the backwoods proves treacherous for John. Monsters from his childhood lurk between the trees, as do mysterious women with dark, half-hidden secrets. Even as John hones his slowly-developing survival skills, a familiar force manipulates the young fugitive’s life from a distance. And John’s attempts to avoid the law become ever more problematic, with the local sheriff having a habit of showing up at the worst possible times.

With a newfound gun at his side and the conviction everything’s going wrong, John believes he’s become a killer with nothing to lose. In truth, he’s no murderer yet, but unless he realizes this, he could soon become one.

A winner of the IndieFab Book of the year award and a finalist in the Unified Literary Contest and quarter finalist for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, Brannon Perkison’s debut novel is an exciting, provocative road trip with reconciliation—or murder—at journey’s end.



ForeWord Reviews’
2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Finalist Young Adult Fiction (Children’s)
“Perkison’s strong storytelling grabs us from the first sentence and doesn’t let go until the final page.
In The Do-Nothing, Brannon Perkison weaves a story of loss, betrayal, and determination through the eyes of a teenage boy thrown suddenly into a wild and unforgiving world. Full of unbridled realism and engaging characters, the novel explores the hurt caused by intergenerational abuse, neglect, and narcissism, and the twisted ways a teenage mind attempts to make sense of it.” (June 19, 2014)
“Author Brannon Perkison brilliantly proposes some tantalizing possibilities surrounding characters that are entrenched in a relationship that is so fractured, so toxic, so beyond repair — what would happen if that relationship was literally pushed over the edge and shattered? Are the bonds of a father and son relationship strong enough to compel one to pick up the pieces and create a new design, or just walk away? The choices made by these characters may surprise you.
Kirkus Reviews: 2014-06-19
“A debut coming-of-age novel about a teenager in East Texas. Presuming that he has killed his father after pushing him into a handrail, teenager John Sharpe is on the run. Racing his
beloved Porsche 914 away from his hometown of Texarkana, he finds himself in a panic…. John learns things he might never have dreamt of in his upper-middle-class upbringing. From the monotony of road construction to the seedier side of a Texas megachurch, the world, he discovers, is difficult and often violent. Will John manage on his own or will he go insane believing that he has killed his father? … The memorable story shines best with regards to geography (not many

What the reader’s say:

“The characters in this book were fascinating.”
“Author Brannon pulled me in from the start, and kept me guessing to the last page, trying to imagine how the twists and turns could so consistently become even more interesting and intertwined along the way.”
” Rather than losing the reader, this story’s well-crafted surprises pull us in tighter as it goes along.”
“The language is poetic and metaphorical––beautiful passages that I re-read.”
“This is a great book for its descriptive story-telling and for its exploration of the relationship between a father and his son.”

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