After a family dispute turns violent, seventeen- year-old John Sharpe flees, convinced he just murdered his own father. Wounded in his ill-fated police getaway, John disappears into the East Texas backwoods, hoping to evade the law and his own guilt.

Life in the backwoods proves treacherous for John. Monsters from his childhood lurk between the trees, as do mysterious women with dark, half-hidden secrets. Even as John hones his slowly-developing survival skills, a familiar force manipulates the young fugitive’s life from a distance. And John’s attempts to avoid the law become ever more problematic, with the local sheriff having a habit of showing up at the worst possible times.

IndieReader’s Best Books of 2014

“In a moment, with a single anger-infused push, John Sharpe’s life changes. Now, as he lives on the run for murdering his father, John must find the courage to face his uncertain future while sorting out his angry past.”

Born one day under a big coral, Baby Shark embarks on a quest to find his parents. He quickly learns that the Great Blue Sea is full of many dangers, and a shark pup is all on his own. But if he can make it, one day, he’ll be a Master of the Sea, just like his Daddy.

The Masters of the Sea series intertwines the early lives of the ocean’s top predators. YOUNG ORCA, second in the series, is a juvenile killer whale who discovers that teamwork in the pod is the key to survival.






This two-part series re-imagines of the first crossing of North America by a European settler. From the Sunrise and To the Sunset is the psychological and physical chronicle of a proud Conquistador whose expedition is inexorably destroyed by the raw land called The New World

From the Sunrise – late 2016
To the Sunset (From the Sunrise sequel) – 2017
Rabbit Boy Books